For the first time mAsters wrote about themselves in 2002. It was the year of coming into being for OP-position, some content for a new corporate website had to be prepared. At that time it looked like this.

Later we returned to this topic again. In late 2004 mAsters' shop became a rather well-known company with a kloslu-knit team. The principles laid down at the very beginning had stood the test of time and proved their viability. Certain partner relations had developed. There was a need to refresh the information about ourselves.

The 2008 has come. The time calls for new information about the current condition of mAsters' shop OP-position, six years after its birth. Now again, we decided to bring to life a new website of the company. But how should this information be provided? The principles of mAsters haven't changed, the core team has stayed the same, the partners have remained good friends. So, should we repeat what was already written (and, moreover, "cited" on many occasions at the sites of newly organized wedding agencies)?..

To prevent the official text about OP-position from being so dull and ostentatiously optimistic, we devised a different form of presentation a mAster interviewed a mAster. As a matter of fact, you are welcome to read the direct speech of M.:

., You are the organizer and ideological inspirer of the mAsters' shop OP-position. What is the content of your work and what attracts you to it?